Cannabis Infused Queso Dip

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This cannabis infused queso is full of flavor and made with real cheese! See the written recipe at

How I make cannabis infused olive oil
How I make cannabis infused milk

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7 thoughts on “Cannabis Infused Queso Dip

  1. I made an asian slaw with cannabis olive oil. Then made fresh spring rolls. Yum. I also have made a from scratch infused orange chicken, pizzas of course, ceviche, blueberry pancakes, ….

  2. Great video and energy! I would love it if you could take a look at my Queso video that I just uploaded.

    1. I use cannabis infused olive oil and evaporated milk. There are links in the description if you want to see how I make them!

  3. How did you first try edibles? was there any friends that encouraged you to try them or were you looking for the medical benefits or just curious to try it? also love your videos the recipes always look so good!

    1. I’ve always loved cooking and baking and a friend asked me if I ever made edibles. After that, I was curious to experiment with cannabis and love all of the health benefits.

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