Weed Cupcakes | Strawberry Crunch Crumble INFUSED Cupcakes EDIBLE Treats| EDIBLES With CANNABIS Oil🍰

Want to learn How to Make Strawberry Crunch Cake Edible Cupcakes? In this video I'll be showing you How to Make Cannabis Strawberry Cupcakes with Weed Oil. Strawberry Crunch Cake was simple to make as an edible. I replaced Vegetable Oil with Cannabis Infused - Weed Coconut Oil that i

Marbled Hazelnut Brownie with CBD Recipe | Sugar & Kush CBD Recipe Book

Just watching this video on making Hazelnut #CBD Brownies is enough to make your mouth water. With the added chocolate chip cookie marbling, it is to die for.🤗 Not to mention, it adds the power of #CBDEdibles into the mix! It's easy, it's delicious and made with general household items.


Cooking with cannabis oil and cannabis butter is a really accessible way to enjoy cannabis and the benefits of ingestion. The key to making cannabis-infused cooking oil is understanding your personal limits, how to dose properly, and how to infuse effectively. Learn to make simple vegan gluten-free cannabis-infused cooking oil

Chocolate CBD Cake Recipe by Tina Kosnik | Sugar & Kush Vanilla CBD Oil

Our friend Tina Kosnik did this great video on a chocolate CBD cake recipe that she likes to use. Apparently she loves to bake and she really likes our CBD products. She uses the Sugar and Kush Vanilla CBD oil when she shows you how to make a chocolate CBD