PURPLE WEED? How to Grow More Colorful Bud

Most of us growers have seen or grown a strain that produces purple Cannabis...but how and why does this happen? We've been getting this question a lot so we figure it's time we break down how to grow more colorful Cannabis for the growmies! Join the Club ➑️ To help support

What Makes Cannabis Recipes Work?

This book reveals the process for creating the essential ingredients necessary for marijuana infusion into foods such as Cannabutter, Ghee, Cannabis Tar and Cannabis Cooking Brandy. It is a smart and helpful guide towards understanding and successfully making cannabis recipes work.

Our BIGGEST REGRETS After Growing Cannabis For 10+ Years

We were recently asked, "after a decade of growing, what are your biggest regrets?" Well, I normally don't like to focus on the past much, but sometimes analyzing things from the past can help you succeed in the future. So for that reason, Trey and I decided to share our


When starting a new grow, should you go from seed or clone? Well, there's pros and cons to both, and that's what we're discussing tonight! Join the Club ➑️ To help support this channel to continue producing videos like this, please consider becoming a Patron ➑️ Dig the intro song?

How To Make Vegan Cannabis Gummies

Looking for a way to make your own vegan cannabis infused gummies at home? In this video we will show you a quick and easy vegan gummy alternative that sets up in minutes that requires a few ingredients plus whatever cannabis distillate or infused oil you'd like to use! Facebook: Website: Instagram: