How to make Canna Oil using cannabis shake

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Learn how to make Cannabis oil using cannabis shake or marijuana shake while also minimizing the odor as much as possible. I will be using a mason jar for the entire process.  

Using marijuana shake instead of marijuana buds is more cost efficient , so I recommend any one that is looking to get into the cannabis edibles business to consider using marijuana shake.

* just make sure you are using cannabis shake from high quality cannabis flower. *

* using a crock pot is an alternative to the mason jar method *

Use the Mason jar during the decarboxylation stage to minimize the smell.

Summary of instruction 

Decarb marijuana shake ( oven temp 235 for 40 minutes )
Add coconut oil to jar with decarb cannabis shake
let mason jar simmer in low heat water for at least 4 hours
filter out cannabis shakes using cheesecloth
store marijuana shakes in a cool dark place until you need to use it. 


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14 thoughts on “How to make Canna Oil using cannabis shake

    1. @nostrings718 You use lecithin when you are making edibles. you dont need to use it to make cannabutter or cannaoil.

  1. Really enjoy the vids. Your production technique and style are quite impressive. The shake looked a little more brown after decarb this time, how did it taste? Also, have you ever tried a water bath after the oil was made to improve taste?

    1. I appreciate that. No, I never tried a water bath after the oil. You can’t taste anything once you infused it with food.

  2. Thanks! I’ll try this. I just made some a couple days ago but did it a little different only cuz I had a crockpot with a temp probe for keeping the mix at a constant temp

    I spread an oz of course ground trim on parchment paper covered cookie sheets, popped them in the oven at 235 – 245 F for about 30 or 40 minutes to decarb Then I heated 2 cups of coconut oil to 170 and added the decarbed trim. Stirred every half hour for three hours. I maintain the the temp at 170 F. Then after the three hours I filter thru a cheesecloth into s container and put it in the refrigerator. Its a lotta weed for two cups of oil but it kicks your ass! I put 1tbsp in a cup a tea and get stupid for hours 👍 Had a cup an hour ago on an empty stomach.
    See how I typing a lot? Thats the oil! 🥴

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