How To Make Weed Gummies (Edibles)

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This video is meant for ages 21+.

Beginner BUDZ does not condone any illegal activities. Our channel is merely meant for educational and documentary purposes.

With the cannabis decaboxylated and infused into some coconut oil, it’s time to finally make our edibles. So strap in because we’re about to show you how to make weed gummies – and we may just have a few tips that could make them EVEN better!

Edible Ingredients:

Liquid Sunflower Lecithin –
Citric Acid –
Unflavored Gelatine –
Weed Silicone Mold –

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Grow Tent:

48″ x 96″ Tent –
“Blurple” Grow Lights –
Mars Hydro TS 2000 (QB Lights) –
AC Infinity 6″ Inline Fan w/LCD Display –
Basic AC Infinity 6″ Inline Fan –
Carbon Filter –
Hurricane Fan –
Tower Fan –
Tent Pole Clip-on Fan –
Humidifier –
Dehumidifier –
Humidistat –
Co2 Pouches –
6″ Black Ducting –
Rope Hangers –
5 Gallon Pots and Saucers –
Coco Coir –
Perlite –

Drying Tent:

36″ x 36″ Tent –
4″ Inline Fan/Carbon Filter –
Dehumidifier –


Peat Pod Greenhouse –
Mammoth P Bloom Booster:
Nature’s Living Soil Super Soil Autoflower Concentrate (Soil Nutes) –
Fox Farm Happy Frog Soil –
General Hydroponics Flora Grow Series Nutrients –
CalMag –
pH Down –
pH Up –
Organocide –
Precise pH meter –
Budget pH/PPM Meter Combo –
Germination Heat Mat –
Measuring Syringes –
Water Pump –
Air Pump:
Trichome Microscope –
4″ Air Stone:
Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses:
“His” Trimming Scissors –
“Her” Trimming Scissors –
Glass Jars and Lids –
Boveda Humidity Packs –
Mini Hygrometer/Thermometer –
Scale –
Grow Light Glasses –


Coconut Oil –
Double Boiler Glass Bowls ($13) –
Cheesecloth –
Cooking Twine –


NEFFEX – Badass

DJ Quads – Storyteller

DJ Quads – I Like To

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9 thoughts on “How To Make Weed Gummies (Edibles)

  1. Some videos say boil, some dont. Seems like itd be smarter to not boil it but some of these videos have alot of good responses that did boil so I’m kinda unsure

  2. I have made this recipe twice now and i love how simple it is. You say each batch filled 3 molds for a total of 75 but the 2 times i made this recipe I ended up with 119 gummies and not sure why. I have used the exact same ingredients and used the same molds.

    1. @Beginner BUDZ What are the measurements of this recipe, how much butter would use for like 10 gummies or 1 batch . And how many mg thc would be needed for 1 gummie. If not a problem could I get it in the metric system please.

  3. Made them earlier with the lecithin, the oil and gelatin still separated. Going to melt back down tomorrow and use my immersion blender to make sure it’s fully emulsified. For now I’m a little bummed as I followed the recipe exactly. Before I try again tomorrow I’m going to practice with regular oil. Will try to remember to update but we all know how that goes.

    The immersion blender worked great, I melted the gummies back down and blended for 10 minutes. We continued to blend over very low heat the entire time I was filling the molds next to the stove. I kept the molds in the freezer until it was time to fill them, they set up great. I did add a splash of water since we evaporated off a good amount during the reheat and a tiny bit more lecithin to make sure it wasn’t going to separate. I added more citric acid to my sugar mixture as I was going for almost sour patch level. They turned out great in the end, just make sure everything is emulsified.

  4. Wondering how to tell approximately how many mg of thc were in the muffins I made if you could offer any help? I ground up 22 grams of flower that was roughly 28-30% and put it into 12 muffins. I ate one entire muffin and felt great for an hour than I lost my mind and felt insanely horrible for 10 straight hours (mind you prior to quitting smoking flower, I was smoking and ounce every 20 days).

  5. Or u can use a squeeze bottle and save yourself the long tedious work of filling one by one lol ur nuts

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