Making Edibles – RSO Brownies

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This is a tutorial/How-To on infusing butter with Hash Oil (RSO – Rick Simpson Oil) and making brownies. – follow me on Instagram: @smokeeej

You’ll need:
2 grams of RSO
2 sticks of Butter
1/2 cup of water
1 brownie mix
Cookie sheet

Pre-heat Oven to 215 degrees Fahrenheit

1. Melt the Butter – low temp, double boiler. Doesn’t need to be hot…just liquid.
2. add sunflower lecithin (a drop or two) – Lecithin is an emulsifier and allows the THC to bond with the butter and helps the THC take effect faster in your body.
3. add RSO and ensure it mixes thoroughly.
4. Let the butter cool for an hour
5. mix the brownie ingredients: eggs, water, butter, and mix
6. Spread the brownie mix into the greased cookie sheet.
7. Cook at 215 for 80 minutes. Set timer for 45 min and then check every 15 min after that.
8. Cut into manageable doses and enjoy.

If you liked this video or found it informative…tell your friends and yell it from the rooftops. Thanks! I’ll make more!

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17 thoughts on “Making Edibles – RSO Brownies

    1. So we made a batch last night, I used the whole 1200mg of rso and we let it cook on 215 took about 3 hours but they are amazing! Taste delicious and moist. Thanks again hope more people try them 😁

    2. @SmokeeeJ 420 they’re in the oven! Wish we could share a pic here lol thanks for all the help

    3. @SmokeeeJ 420 ah ok lol I’m excited we hate this rso which we originally bought cuz the bud tender said it would Dab, lmao it doesn’t 😂

  1. If the rso is around 600mg per ml and I use 2 mls what will the approx mg content on the brownies be?

    1. that sir is a great question cause this method seems so easy but i cant find aprox dosage anywhere

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