PURPLE WEED? How to Grow More Colorful Bud

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Most of us growers have seen or grown a strain that produces purple Cannabis…but how and why does this happen?

We’ve been getting this question a lot so we figure it’s time we break down how to grow more colorful Cannabis for the growmies!

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15 thoughts on “PURPLE WEED? How to Grow More Colorful Bud

  1. I see a few good people an one asshole Rob an trey don’t worry about what people think keep putting in that work an all the great info for everyone you guys have a great channel keep it up an fuck the haters💯

    1. Thanks growmie! I gotta stop giving these haters attention. I just hate seeing people think my efforts are anything but authentic. Big shout out to you and the growmies who show love 🙏💯

  2. Thanks so much for having a session about this! I always saw crazy colorful plants…Then when I did my first grow- even with a variety of strains, it was just all green. Dank and awesome but still just green.

    My second season I deliberately held back on nutes, didn’t pay too much attention to pH and flushed a little more often- wow what a difference! Now I have these insanely gnarly purple/ orange with vibrant green buds- crazy! Keep up the awesome content👊🏻 @drytents

    1. Thanks man! You’re gonna love it- great solution for drying and there really aren’t many. Ok sounds good I’ll hop on and chat along then. Cheers.

    2. Also, this isn’t a live sesh just so ya know. The chat area is live for us and all the growmies to talk during the episode

    3. Nice dude! Let’s link up soon, I dig the concept of the product and am thrilled to see it become a reality for ya growmie!

    1. People like you really irritate me. We take the time to put out educational and some what entertaining content yet we have dudes like you trying to dissect our efforts like there’s some kind of odd motives or deception

    2. nobody gives much feedback for content here really, I get a ton of emails from the website and in the club.

      We have our own grows, the footage in the videos is taken from our gardens. Capturing audio in the grow is difficult because of the fans so we don’t film in the gardens.

      You may not be new to growing but clearly are to the channel

    3. I think you do it so you can read what is being said.then use our thoughts for your content.i got a lot to say on this..I won’t say a word until after your live show..make it good.not a newbie to cannabis.do you guys have your own grows going.i can’t recall seeing any plants in hand.but I only seen a few videos.the videos I saw touched on previous videos of yours..even in comments others thought so to.

    4. What are you referring to? The scheduled premiere or the subject?

      I set up the premieres so the growmies can chat together live.
      The subject was requested

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